PlaiDay AI

PlaiDay AI lets you create amazing images and videos using just your words. Choose from unique avatar styles, restyle photos, and even insert yourself into videos.


PlaiDay AI is an innovative mobile app that puts the power of generative AI into the hands of everyday users. It offers a unique blend of image and video creation tools, allowing you to transform your ideas into stunning visual content.

Here’s what makes PlaiDay AI stand out:

  • Personalized Avatars: Create customized avatars with a vast array of styles. PlaiDay updates these styles daily, giving you fresh, fun ways to represent yourself.
  • Text-to-Image and Text-to-Video: Describe your vision, and PlaiDay will generate images or videos that match it. This feature empowers your imagination and creativity.
  • Image Restyling and Face Swapping: Experiment with different looks by restyling photos with unique filters, or seamlessly insert yourself and friends into videos for a touch of playful personalization.
  • Social Sharing: PlaiDay encourages collaboration and expression with integrated social sharing features. Share your creations and see what others are making!

PlaiDay AI makes cutting-edge AI accessible and fun, turning complex technology into a tool for self-expression and creative experimentation.


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