Donotpay AI

DoNotPay AI, the world’s first robot lawyer, empowers individuals to tackle legal issues, protect privacy, and fight against corporations. Offering a wide array of tools, it simplifies legal processes, making justice accessible to all.


Welcome to DoNotPay: Your AI Consumer Champion

DoNotPay, hailed as the world’s first robot lawyer, is an AI-driven platform designed to democratize legal assistance and streamline consumer advocacy. It offers users an array of tools to challenge large corporations, tackle bureaucratic tasks, secure privacy, and uncover financial savings.

Empowering Users Against Corporations

DoNotPay provides a robust platform to contest unfair fees, fight parking tickets, secure refunds, and more. It empowers individuals to stand up against corporate giants, offering a suite of legal tools accessible to everyone, regardless of their legal knowledge.

Safeguarding Privacy and Uncovering Savings

With features aimed at protecting consumer privacy and finding hidden money, DoNotPay helps users manage subscriptions, cancel free trials effectively, and retrieve funds owed to them. Its proactive approach in identifying and reclaiming funds makes it a valuable tool for financial management.

Innovative Legal Assistance

DoNotPay’s AI-driven services extend beyond financial disputes, offering assistance with standard legal processes like notarizing documents, filing in small claims court, and generating various legal letters. This automation of routine legal tasks makes legal assistance more accessible and efficient.

By continually updating its services to address a wide range of consumer issues, DoNotPay stands at the forefront of legal tech innovation, making it a powerful ally for consumers worldwide. Explore the myriad ways DoNotPay can assist you at


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