For AI tasks that fall into the “Uncategorized” section, the presentations will need to be a bit more flexible. Here’s how we can approach it:

1. You Provide the Task:

  • Give me a clear description of the AI task, even if it’s niche or unusual.
  • Be as specific as possible to help me tailor the presentation.

2. I Craft a Focused Presentation:

  • I’ll distill the core concept of the task within the 20-word (or close to it) limit.
  • I’ll highlight the AI’s capabilities and potential benefits in that area.


  • Your Task: An AI tool that creates knitting patterns based on an uploaded image.
  • My Presentation: Transform inspiration into unique knitting patterns with AI image analysis and design generation.

Important Note: The success of the presentation depends heavily on the clarity of your task description!

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